Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Three poems by poet, Joyce Jones

by Joyce Jones from Marshmellow Softness and Rock Hard Taffy © 2012

Three poems presented below.  Xlibris, pub; Susan Polk, Editor; Cover Art by Tori Egherman.   www.xlibris.com to order copies. 

THE HAUNT   p. 79


You haunt me like the breeze
Among the trees softly whispering.
Flashing in my thoughts
the love that was before you
the wide open love that
encompassed, surrounded and
then let me go. 

You haunt me like the flutter of my heart
and the scars on my kneeling knees
the hoarse, dry throat
begging love to stay.
My body shivers
in memory of
blooming love songs
recalling the melody
the sweet harp and lute
a lure to love. 
Going round & round & round
tickling and amusing
the harp twinges
taunting and teasing
your fingers play my skin
your tongue wanders deep in
syncopated rhythmns
like a mix of cool jazz
stir the gospels of life
more definitive than Aretha’s wail. 

Along the curve of the flowing satin negligee
tears drop like rain mist
clouding my day with promises not kept.
Threatening my tomorrows 
You haunt me with blessed
throughout the day and night
In all seasons
You are there
persistently reminding
love will come, but not today.

High Stakes     p.56 


Loving you
of the consequences
has taken its toll.
Already, I prepare
that part of me
that clings
so longingly
to you,
for the sacrifice
of letting you go.
another woman
can best serve
your need for
total affection,
the kind
that drains and
leaves no room for me
to care for me.
Another woman
too new to know
can love you
regardless of
the consequences.  

Triumph     p. 13 

Corseted passions

unleased by Cupid’s charm
leads to
cascades of feelings
swirl in fanciful parade. 
We strut to the
melodious tones
that bare once bridled desires.
Both lean on the edge of
as the romance unfolds.



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