Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
This site is to honour my mother, poet, Eva Ruby Austin.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Weary - a poem by Audrey Austin


Weary woman worries when
The door is shut
On hope that drowns
In white envelopes
Piling up on table
Demanding satisfaction
Threatening to kill the little faith
That barely floats above the stack.

The Waitress - a poem by Audrey Austin


Wet rag wipes the table
Serviettes  wrap the stainless
Smile glued at the corners
She pretends it is painless.

It’s too hot; it’s too cold
It’s still raw; it is burned
The cook pays no mind
While the server is spurned.

Shifts short; she is part-time
Reliant on tips
She swallows her tears
With a smile on the lips.

The Lonely Poet (a tribute to my mother) - a poem by Audrey Austin

The Lonely Poet
Audrey Austin

She worked hard
throughout her life
shared days of joy
and those of strife
but right or wrong.

That’s how it was for Ruby.

Aging widow
dark of night
she misses her children
and doesn’t feel right
but now alone
with pen she scribes

Writes down
the joy, the pain
scratches out a line
then writes again
but heart and soul
she shares her life
the poet.

THE not so famous WRITER - a poem by Audrey Austin

THE not so famous WRITER

By Audrey Austin

Hours, days and weeks
In the chair
Fingers tougher
Than the heart
Which breaks
With each rejection.
Blank keys as
Worn as she feels
In the block.

I Followed My Heart to 108 - a poem by Audrey Austin (original version)


Audrey Austin.

My dream was alive when I woke up this morning
I tried to ignore it but make no mistake
I followed my heart up the 108 Highway
To the beautiful City of Elliot Lake.

Along dream-catching deer trail my eager eyes feast
Proud Maple, Pine, Spruce; no tree stands alone
Love flows like blue water in myriad lakes
My mind is at peace because I’m coming home.

Today we celebrate sixty years strong
We all stand together as we sing along
We sing to our future yet honour our past
Elliot Lake is our jewel; it’s where we belong.

There’s much more to say but I’ll tell you this way
I lost my heart on the highway that day
To the beautiful jewel that is Elliot Lake
Here’s to the new home that I’m going to make.

Impatience - a poem by Audrey Austin


Impatient, we sit,
Four women in hospital gowns,
Nurse keeps busy with drops
In eyes, one after another.

Impatient, we gather,
Ten women in hospital corridor,
Eyes, antiseptic orange
In wheelchairs we wait.

Impatient, nurse pushes
Conveyor belt women,
Chairs one after another
To operating room.

Now it’s my turn,
I’m pushed past my fear
Impatient no more,
I glide through the door.

On table I lay,
It’s a cataract day.

To Love Again - a poem by Audrey Austin

To Love Again

By Audrey Austin
Long ago love let me down
and left me wandering,
wondering how I could
trust again.

Tears drowned my anger.
My heart, cold and bitter
broke into muddled bits
of frozen fear that refused
to melt into vulnerability.

Love let me down
but time brought reprieve,
rest, and recompense
from one who cared,
one who shared,
one who taught me to forgive,
to let go, let feelings flow
to a safe place where I could
smile and love again.

Love  led me into darkness
before lifting me to light,
Yes, love lifted me
And love's name was

For all the Great Dads out there!

My Dad - a poem by Eleanor Lambert, Bermuda

  My Dad
How lovingly I remember my Dad,
Some days happy & some days sad,
He always did his best to do the right
To guide his family both day and night.

Times were not easy I remember it well,
Many times he struggled & sometimes he fell,
Forgiveness he asked and God in His love,
Looked down with compassion from Heaven above.

He left us many years ago when just a very young man
His younger children hardly knew him well,
But I his eldest daughter remember the story to tell.

He worked very hard every single day,
At a place contributing to his health in every way.
We did not know it at the time but was full of asbestos
And other life threatening Kine.

The shift work was also very hard on him,
Very hard on his wife & his children too,
And yes he suffered each and every day,
Unable to afford a Dr. to help him along the way.

We had food on our table, clothes on our back
And the things we needed we did not lack.
He was a very good husband and a wonderful Dad,
As he worked hard every day even when he felt bad.

"You are Indispensable" he said to me one day,
That lesson I learned well, it stays with me always.

He taught me many lessons in the short years he lived
    Until God called him home still a very young man.
                   I speak of none other than
                         Guy Lester Austin
                        Our Wonderful Dad.

              "Happy Fathers Day in Heaven Dad".