Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
This site is to honour my mother, poet, Eva Ruby Austin.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014



Monday, December 22, 2014

Empty Seats - a poem by Bud Skinner

Empty Seats

No more candy or toys neath the tree.
 No more magic from Santa to me.
 As a child his arrival was pure thrill.
 Now an adult all I receive, the bills.

It's still a treat when loved ones gather.
Each CHRISTmas day a room of chatter.
 To watch the surprise as all gifts are shown.
 Some wondering how their desires were known.

Eating more food than you should handle.
 The tensile and the advent candles.
 The hugs and kisses neath the mistletoe.
 The relief, the sorrow as people go.

Not good, empty chairs, more than a few.
Of all the loved ones your life once knew.
 Memories brought back of Christmases past.
 Thoughts of the passing of time, oh so fast.

But this holiday is so much more,
 Than presents, trees and wreaths on your door.
 More than fam'ly, presents and food galore.
 It's about Mary and the babe she bore.

It's all about that night, over twenty centuries ago.
 When a baby in a feeding trough was lit by a stars glow.
 A God come to earth to give the ultimate gift.
 To later die on a cross so we could yet live.

So now, think once again of empty chairs.
 Not those in front of you, but those up there.
 All the vacant seats behind Heaven's door.
 Your Christmas in Heaven for evermore.

Bud Skinner

    Sunday, December 21, 2014

    A Christmas Wish, a poem by Audrey Austin

    a poem by Audrey Austin

    A time of love, a time for sharing

    Let’s find new ways to light the path

    While old traditions tried and true

    Express how much we’re caring

    For our family,

    For our friends,

    For people ‘round our hungry world.

    A time of peace, a time for laughter

    Let’s find new ways to share the love

    While old relationships hold fast

    We’ll open hearts, extend our reach

    To neighbours near,

    To friends afar, 

    To those with whom we’ve yet to meet.

    A time of joy, a time to remember

    The holy birth of the blessed child

    Who gave us the reason

    To celebrate this season

    A season of love, of caring, of sharing,

    Love brightens the path of all who journey

    Transforms the lives of all who are weary. 

    Hold the light, share the light, be the light.
    Merry Christmas!
    (This poem is included in my poetry anthology
     titled "Poetry from A to Z"
     available on all Amazon sites.) 
    Merry Christmas!  I wish you peace, health, prosperity,
    and the joy of poetry shared.

    Friday, December 5, 2014

    Frozen In Time - a poem by Sarah Emily Cregan

    Frozen in Time

    From the heavens above
    I fall to the earth
    Perfect in every way 
    I feel the crisp air
    As I float along
    Without any cares
    From the heavens above
    I fall to the earth
    Searching for you
    To share my beauty
    I am yours truely
    What seems like forever
    Is not long enough
    For when I land
    On your warm skin
    I melt away
    This moment in time
    Is just for you and I
    From the heavens above.

    Visit the poetry site of Sarah Emily Cregan,     http://allpoetry.com/Dragonshadow