Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas 2012 - a poem by Eleanor Lambert in Bermuda ....

  A Christmas Poem by Eleanor Lambert:


It’s Christmas time again,
                             the most wonderful time of the year,

As we celebrate the Birth of our Saviour
                             we all hold so dear.

It’s a time when families and friends
                             can all come together,

To reminisce, laugh, and sing Carols
                             no matter what the weather.

It’s a time to give especially to those in need
                              and those we love,

As we give special thanks for the many blessings
                             from God above.

It’s a time to forgive so that we in turn
                             may be forgiven,

It’s time to help the sick, and those
                             who are bed-ridden.

There truly is so much suffering
                               in our world today.

At this special time let’s do our best
                               to help along the way.

It’s true to say from our hearts
                                without a shadow of doubt

He is always here to bless us as we reach
                                 to help others out.

Many years have passed since that first Christmas Morn.

When our Saviour Jesus Christ came to earth to be born.

We’ve been through happy times;
                                   we’ve been through sad,

Even with our loved ones gone, He filled the void
                                   to make us glad.

Just to be alive, happy, and free is more than enough reason,
                                  To shout to all


                          MERRY CHRISTMAS”


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