Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

INSPIRATION -- a poem by Audrey Austin

INSPIRATION is previously published in Northern Ontario Poetry Collection, Volume Sixteen, 2011 - Scripted Inspiration ...


By Audrey Austin

Inspired to fly above the tasks that make dreams plummet I follow my eyes which do ascend
 to a private place
High above a humdrum habit of living a life that forbids a star to rise above the horizon,
My eyes grow deaf. My ears are blind.
At last I peer with God’s odd look at dirt below and see that secret site
deep beneath the magical hope of being all I am meant to be.
From lofty heights with arms extended I hang suspended staring down at God’s good earth,
That place where mother did give birth to such a one as me.
It’s warm up here despite the cool of lonely being all alone.
No one can see my frightened face that meets the ground,
that sacred space beneath the heights to which I’ve risen with great strain
only to realize I must go back.
I must go home since there are those who do depend
Upon my role which wraps in boxes needful things to hold them close
so that I dare to feel important, bigger than I’m meant to be.
My desire to linger here while gazing down on all held dear is crushed
by knowing that it’s true, yes, I am me and you are you.
Return decreed I teach my reach to draw arms close and stop the flailing.
I must descend, inspired no more, reality opens up the floor,
the drum of hum beats down the door.  I’m going home
To dream once more.

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