Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
This site is to honour my mother, poet, Eva Ruby Austin.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stepmonster - a poem by Noah Preston


Every night I’d cry myself to sleep.
Every day I’d wake up scared.
‘Cause there was a monster lurking about.
And every time I did something wrong,
It began to shout.

It would threaten me - threaten to send me to jail,
Just ‘cause I didn’t put on my sandals.
Well damn, she don’t care!
Well damn, she don’t care! 

Every weekend day,
I was forced into its lair.
She would pretend to love me.
Well it’s plain to see
That damn, she don’t care.

She was meaner than a bear! 
Every night I would cry,
“Mommy, why
Have you left me here?
There’s a monster in the hall,
Banging on my door,
Wanting to feast on my fear!”
For gods’ sakes
I was eight years old!
Mom treated me like gold,
But it treated me like mold.

It would laugh when I got cut,
That mean old smut. 
And it’s clear to me,
And it’s plain to see
That damn, she don’t care.

It was inhumane
The amount of pain
That she caused me.
And in my dreams my mom gleams
Like a golden saint.

But then my dream turns -
The monster is there and it burns.
Her laughter haunts me,
Her eyes taunt me,
They burn red, I feel like I’m dead,
My heart is full of dread. 

For I’ll never forget.
You wanna bet?

Your heart is a black hole,
Your eyes are made of hot coal
You little troll ... you’d put poison
In my cereal bowl! 

And when it comes
To my mom, well ...
Damn, does she care!

By Noah Preston

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Endless - a poem by Rima N. Jaber


Your smile, positive waves caressing,
The light of your eyes shining,
A prayer of love rising to the sky,

... And your love in my heart,
Rising my soul,
Touching my deepest layer,
Transforming my spirit,

Rain of happiness,
Suns of love lights,
Showering my being,
Pushing me deep inside,
Inside this marvelous love world,

You took my hand,
Took my soul,
And took me to your heavenly world,

I close my eyes,
Lost myself,
Find myself in your heart,

Each time I see you,
You succeed to bring the divinity to love,
Melting holiness to our happiness,
Don’t know if we’re becoming love Goddess,

Above this existence,
A constant without difference,
Our love I know has began with the beginning,
And will last forever, out of time, endless, my darling..

I love you eternally honey
Happy Weekend everyone
Always Love, Light, Joy,
Peace & Blessings to All of us
Rima N. Jaber
© February 23, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Snow Storm - a poem by Eva Ruby Austin

The Snow Storm
It started to fall at the close of the day
And it never stopped at all
Until it covered all the land
And the cars could barely crawl.
"It's the worst snow storm in twenty years,"
Said a voice on the radio,
And "unless it's really important
That you must go out - don't go."
My daughter, with her colleagues,
Had left early in the day
To put on a play in Woodstock,
And it started while they were away.
So, of course, on the homeward journey
The traffic crawled along,
Delaying their arrival,
To four o'clock in the morn.
On Sunday morn, the snow piled high,
Hampered the morning devotion,
As down the street all one could see
Was spade and shovel in motion.
The cars were covered with nice clean snow
To the drivers' indignation;
While on the street, and working hard
Were shovellers in rotation.
With tired backs and frowning brow
They finished the needy chores -
With comments coming from everyone,
"I hope we don't get anymore."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beyond Time ... a poem by Audrey Austin

by Audrey Austin
previously published in Empowerment Magazine
In motionless silence
The mad woman travels to places that do not exist
Impatient, she sleeps
By the still water pool, awaiting the touch
Of the wise, loving fool.
And suddenly, now,
He is holding her close.
She's no longer herself.
The wise fool's at peace
In this strange, private land.  The mad woman
Places her life
In his hand
Why are you? she whispers
With eyes that are open
Be with it
He silently pleads.
I carry the key
It will unlock all fear
We've travelled far
To possess what is near.
He unlocks her soul
Which unites with his own and drowns
In an ocean of lust.
She cries when she wakens
Dear God, set me free.
Let me have here on earth
What is destined to be.
Walk in peace, God commands
Wear a clever disguise, respect your sister and brother
What in timelessness thrives
Cannot happen on earth.  The wise fool belongs
To another.
In motionless silence,
The mad woman travels to places
That cannot be found.
The wise fool enquires
Of the tall tree of knowledge, will we meet
The next time around?
And God in His Heaven enjoys the cruel joke,
How wondrous his power; how heavy the yoke,
Rebellious and willful, yet true to God's rule,
The mad woman travels to meet the wise fool.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

To Be a Daniel by Audrey Austin

To Be a Daniel
I sing the song in Sunday School
Dare to be a Daniel
But truth or dare gets in the way
Of being who I am.
It matters that I get along
Popularity is key
I learn to follow and partake
I forget what I believe.
I say I'll do it all my way
I say to none but me
And then when told here's what we'll do
I wander from my path.
Now that I'm older sitting on fence
I'm neither here nor there
Daniel hides - will he be found
When this old soul lays bare?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alfred 11 -- a poem by Murray Alfredson

Alfred II

No way I’d call it tragedy,
his death; for full-ripe were his years
at ninety two, and rich his life,
a humble man and no high-flyer
yet learned in his way and wise
knower of plants and animals,
a gardener, a sanctuary.
A one-eyed magpie found refuge
in his garden safe from owls within
the barricade of fig-tree branches
and amply fed by worm-rich soil.

He was no knowledge-hoarder; ever
a teacher he shared with all who asked
or showed an interest; never a pusher,
folk soon enough discovered him.

And every time I need to know
a plant or how to raise one, I feel
the gap my father stepped from
so quietly in the early hours
when none of us expected, leaving
a hole that never quite has closed.
Yet often in my quieter moods
his face appears, his lifting eyebrows.

I’ve no idea how many lives
he touched, but hundreds packed his church,
sang lustily his funeral hymns.
-- published in Touch: the journal of healing. 3 (Jan 2010)

Friday, February 1, 2013

What If ... a poem by Audrey Austin

What If

A what if feeling arrived late last night
I took it to bed in the dark out of sight
 But not out of mind
 though I'd like it to be
Can't quite understand
what has happened to me
It was still there this morning
I wish it would leave
It arrived uninvited insisting believe
Couldn't focus on work
so my feet hit the trail
Each step stamped this feeling
but to no avail
What triggered this feeling?
What word, what cruel twist
Has weasled its way into what doesn't exist?
The question what if
has stolen my morning
And coloured my feelings
as though they were mourning
the loss of something
that hasn't transpired
Except in my mind
This poem by me was previously published in "Moments in Time" , Northern Ontario Poetry Collection, Volume 13, 2008.  Canadian Authors Association - Temiskaming Branch and White Mountain Publications.