Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
This site is to honour my mother, poet, Eva Ruby Austin.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Do You Remember? -- a poem by Dayeton Larson; Elliot Lake

Do You Remember?


Do you remember those times we've had together

When we laughed and we cried,  over that glass of fine wine

Do you remember when we hugged and encouraged each other

We shared our hurts and blessings too?


Life has been long and really ~ very good to us

We travelled, we stayed home, we spent time together

We sat in the back yard, savoring the odor of our BBQ

We tasted the steaks with fine wine through the evenings...


Are these days locked in your mind that seems closed to the outside?

You look so distant, but are you living them again?

You seem to look past me, but are you really seeing me

Back in the days of our youth, as we laughed at life and lived it's fullness?


Do sit in your chair and relive those days

Gazing off into the bright future you do see

May I still be there with you as you drift

Into your world of memories and  bliss!


Yes, do you remember our days together

So full of life, not caring for the  tomorrow that we can't control

You are blessed as you live that here and now

Locked in your mind that is soon to rest...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

On Earth Same As In Heaven - a poem by Rima N. Jaber

On Earth same as in Heaven.

Some people think they own the world,
But in fact they don't even own their own decisions,
They are driven by the blind darkness,...
They forget their own identity, their own heart,
And go to walk in the dark,

 They hate the light and hate its holders,
They get hurt if you want to wake them up,
They will curse you and forever hate you,
They will crucify you,
Make you bleed till death then throw you,

Fighting our light isn't new,
Afraid from the glow of the truth is not new,
The dawn breaking the dark will struggle,
Angels of love will suffer,
God grace will give them power,
And love on Earth will prevail,
Despite of every deadly battle,
The mask will fall,
The hatred will eat itself with auto destruction,
The Kingdom of God is eternal
On Earth same as in Heaven.

Happy Blessed Sunday
Love you all
Rima N. Jaber
© May 18, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Do You Know Trees? - a poem by Audrey Austin

Do You Know Trees?

From north, from south
To meet in the centre,
Feeling wanting.
Do you know trees?  he asked
And I feel less than I am.
We walk
And I want to look at him
In a way that he can’t look at me,
Protect myself
While I explore
His vulnerability.
I need a hug.

Words come easy to him
And I like the listening.
I like the sound
Of thoughts that don’t feel foreign.
I like the feel of words
That don’t stand alone,
That seek a friend
In their friendly tone.

Sitting on concrete
Feet on grass,
I want to ask, do you like me?
Can the answer to this
Be found in Newton’s Law?
Do I invite him upstairs?
What if he says yes?
What if he says no, I have to go?
What if?

Feeling the wine,
Drinking his words
Touching my heart,
He likes me.
Here’s to friendship.
I need a hug.
I want a hug.
I feel a hug.
I feel like feeling more
But instead I close the door
And now I wait,
Anticipate and wonder.

A Mother's Day Poem by Eleanor Lambert, Bermuda ..

It's Mother's Day a time to think of our Mother's,
A time to think of them and chat with one another.

It's hard to find words to say how wonderful they are,
I know that our Mom was truly the best by far.

Our sister Muriel was a wonderful Mother as well
Just a young woman but left a great story to tell.

Our Mom and our Sister were alike in so many ways
And we will miss them always for the rest of our days.

Yes, they have both gone to their eternal reward
To be with God their Saviour and their Lord.

                        Happy Mothers Day
                          Mom and Muriel

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Tribute To Dudley by Eleanor Lambert

A Tribute to Dudley by Eleanor Lambert 

I knew a little dog, whose name was Dudley
He was so cute and also very bubbly,

Sad to say he took sick one day
And we all felt sadder than words could say.

We were so happy because he was on the mend
As bubbly as ever and still our best friend

However, the day came when Dudley took sick again
This time a lot more serious and a lot more pain!

 There was no more that the doctor could do
So we had to bid our little dog Dudley adieu.

He was missed so much by his mistress, you see
And so the void was filled with a beautiful dog named Ki.

Haiku on Spring Flowers by Patricia A. McGoldrick

Haiku on Spring Flowers by Patricia A. McGoldrick


purple hyacinths grow

midst perennial fragments

garden is reborn

 © 2014 Patricia A. McGoldrick
2014 BIO:
Patricia McGoldrick is a Kitchener, ON, writer. In her poems, stories and essays, she is inspired by the everyday. Patricia is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society and the League of Canadian Poets. Recently, published in the annual collaborative poem, I Hear the Wind Waiting, at leafpress.ca. Follow her on Twitter: @pamcgoldrick. Stop by her blogs at http://pm27.wordpress.com and http://pmpoetwriter.blogspot.ca/