Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
This site is to honour my mother, poet, Eva Ruby Austin.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If We Don't Wake Up - A poem by Rima N. Jaber

If we don’t wake up,
If we don’t open our eyes,
If we continue with the flow of evil and ignorance,
If we continue ignoring tolerance and morals,
If we continue forgetting our values and humanity,...
If we continue our hate and discrimination,
If we don’t see each other as children of one God,
If we don’t treat the other same as we treat ourselves,
If we don’t look at the other as our brother or sister,
If we build walls of ego and hells of hatred,
It’s the death of humanity,
And surely it’s announcing soon the extinction of the human kind.


EACH ONE - a poem by Audrey Austin


Delving deep beneath the bottom of my yearning
Is a scared shred of startled fakedom
One that whispers
One that cries
One that shouts to reach a listening ear.

Rising high above the surface of my shining
Is a sliver sure of caring kingdom
One that answers
One that pleads
One that reassures and softens fear.

Staying level in the now of life’s assertion
Is a silent sense of battles waged
One that urges
One that purges
One between with choice to tempt the seer.

WINTER - a poem by Tschana Wade


              Tschana Wade 

Winter white, Cold at night
Despite the frigid outlook,
The future looks bright.
I see victory in the near distance
Persistence through the snow storm, 
We mourn,
for spring and summer.
Hey you, driving that Hummer!!
Try not to splash with the dirty water
For I am someone’s daughter
Why I aught’ a

No, Tschana, keep cool,
Wasn’t it I who got you through school? 
Yes, Lord,
I know you will see me through,
Even the thickest of snow
Won’t stop me and you. 

I wait for your Word,
Than move forward
Shout Praise, raise my hands
And rejoice.

For the voice
of the Lord has spoken
No more joking.
God your love is omnipotent, real
I feel your presence,
Your essence consumes me.

Free, to fulfill
your will
I will obey
Never stray.

The day I see your face
Your grace, your mercy
never thirsty.
For you provide living water,
You thought of me always. 

My light, my love
You understand me, when
Others can’t stand me.

You are a real friend to me
Your love is endlessly 
Forever, Whenever, wherever 
I will praise your name
You love us all the same,
For that I am thankful.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Memories of Mom - two poems by Eleanor Lambert, Bermuda


There was a woman, who was so gentle and kind,

Not a day goes by she does not come to mind.

A woman who sacrificed every day and night

She could stretch a dollar like a widow’s mite.

Although very little to make ends meet,

Yet her children always had plenty to eat.

There is no doubt in my mind she was a miraculous person.

For she was our Mom you see and we know for certain,

That through her sacrifices and unconditional love,

She has her reward in Heaven with her Saviour above.



Memories of Mom

                                           Many things have happened                              

                                           Since she was called away,                                                                   

                                           So many things to share with her

                                           If she was still here to stay.

                                           Every day in some small way,

                                           Memories of her come our way

                                          Though she is absent she is ever near

                                           Much loved, missed, and so very dear.

                                          She taught us so many things

                                          We should do each and every day

                                          To read and obey God’s Holy word

                                          And yes, always to pray.

                                                  Happy Birthday

                                                     In Heaven


                                                   We love you