Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

MUSE -- poetry by Maggie Kirton ..

Muse  is poetry written by Maggie, Kirton, Callander, Ontario, Canada

(I dedicate this one to you Audrey Austin, thank you!)

someone has mentioned the muse

a dolor disguised as inspiration

but the muse has died

writhing in agony

in its twisted dysfunction

in its wayward choosing’s

of whom it chooses

and when

like a wind-worn leaf

it flutters about the place



seductively choosing

its prey

(and the poor sucker

that stands in its way)

it becomes pasture

to a hungry herd

it leaks onto the wood

flattened, smooth and white

in ink

in black

a dark etching

of word

and silent sounds


the muse lives not

i haven't seen it


it hasn't touched those i love

it whispers its life

pretending to exist

like pus leaking from a wound

it slithers away

and leaves me empty

one should not send invitations

to a funeral

but bury it we shall

and laugh at its disgrace

drink to its departure

be glad that it is gone

and then


for sheer churlishness

it will rise again

and live

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