Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
This site is to honour my mother, poet, Eva Ruby Austin.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Two Poems by Lynette Davis ....

Happy Day  

A Poem Written By: Lynette Davis


I yearn for you

Your sweet whispers send shivers down my collar bone

I breathe in the air of your scent

And catch of wisp of the unforgettable


I’m intoxicated by just your smile

They all think I’ve gone mad

He tries to convince me that you’re my past


I say, I’m missing you

I say, I’m needing you

I say I’m wanting you

But you never loved me


I still love you.


All the lies I’d told myself

How you made me cry…

No, I made me cry


He’s telling me that anyone who leaves is a fool

Does this qualify to you


Or maybe, I’m the fool

Then again maybe you’re the fool


Yeah, I’m probably the fool. 


Not Just Dance 9-30-13
Can’t you feel the rhythm
Will you bring the heat
Listen to the war cries
Of the children of the streets
While their laughter and jesters
Have you clowning around
You’re krumping heart thumping
 Crowds roaring to these sounds
The power of this movement
Finds her kindred, breaks barriers
The spirit of those who cry
When no one listens
Who hurt and bear pain
There’s nothing to gain
But this…release
Can’t you feel it
Connecting children of the streets
It courses through your body
A madness to twist and turn
To jerk and freeze
Ah yeah, you feel that burn
The excitement takes over
The DJ’s breaks getting loud
Yet, there’s a soul, a heart beat
This movement makes you proud
There’s a quick fierce shake inside
Your breath gets taken away
Pulse is racing, hands mating
While your hips begin to sway
And you’re chasing the music
Or maybe its’ chasing you
No need for the reason
You’re just flowing to the groove
It’s pure it’s rapture
Erupting with a freedom
You have yet to understand
It has history, a deeper meaning
Before misconstrued and made
A cheap thrill
And though we called it hip hop
and other styles of street
We were the children of a movement
sprouted growth from the seedlings of dance
But I think that they have lost it
How despicably sad

Friday, October 4, 2013

"Relish on a Hotdog" - a poem by Audrey Austin


We used to be like relish
On a hotdog.
Now I am here.  You are there.
Slim space between
Yet I have built a mountain
In the middle.
Or was it you who
Cast the first stone
Leaving me alone
To add the boulders until
Now the mountain pass
Is blocked with innuendo
Wrapped in sarcasm?
I don’t relish hotdogs anymore.
This poem by Audrey Austin is one of the Judge's Selections in a Northern Ontario Poetry Collection, Volume Eighteen 2013 titled "Spirits in Stone".

IN PASSING - an inspirational poem by Marlon de Souza

In passing

A ceramic bowl, a sacred plate
were found at the site -
offerings to a Mayan god.
A cross, a tomb -
signs of where that other god appeared.
A minaret, a temple,
ritual lashings and prostrations
and twenty-five hundred saints and martyrs
prove loyalty to other gods.
Yet my god has no symbols,
asks for no shrines
and demands no rituals
but that I learn to sit silently
by a quiet stream
and listen
or watch my dog sniff invisible scents
while I look at the vast sky
and fly

© 2013 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

Marlon de Souza writes. Among his teachers are water bodies, Robert Louis Stevenson, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, e.e. cummings, His Royal Highness Wolfgang the First, Leonard Cohen, and his friend and dog-child, Jules.

More of his work can be found on