Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stepmonster - a poem by Noah Preston


Every night I’d cry myself to sleep.
Every day I’d wake up scared.
‘Cause there was a monster lurking about.
And every time I did something wrong,
It began to shout.

It would threaten me - threaten to send me to jail,
Just ‘cause I didn’t put on my sandals.
Well damn, she don’t care!
Well damn, she don’t care! 

Every weekend day,
I was forced into its lair.
She would pretend to love me.
Well it’s plain to see
That damn, she don’t care.

She was meaner than a bear! 
Every night I would cry,
“Mommy, why
Have you left me here?
There’s a monster in the hall,
Banging on my door,
Wanting to feast on my fear!”
For gods’ sakes
I was eight years old!
Mom treated me like gold,
But it treated me like mold.

It would laugh when I got cut,
That mean old smut. 
And it’s clear to me,
And it’s plain to see
That damn, she don’t care.

It was inhumane
The amount of pain
That she caused me.
And in my dreams my mom gleams
Like a golden saint.

But then my dream turns -
The monster is there and it burns.
Her laughter haunts me,
Her eyes taunt me,
They burn red, I feel like I’m dead,
My heart is full of dread. 

For I’ll never forget.
You wanna bet?

Your heart is a black hole,
Your eyes are made of hot coal
You little troll ... you’d put poison
In my cereal bowl! 

And when it comes
To my mom, well ...
Damn, does she care!

By Noah Preston

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