Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Endless - a poem by Rima N. Jaber


Your smile, positive waves caressing,
The light of your eyes shining,
A prayer of love rising to the sky,

... And your love in my heart,
Rising my soul,
Touching my deepest layer,
Transforming my spirit,

Rain of happiness,
Suns of love lights,
Showering my being,
Pushing me deep inside,
Inside this marvelous love world,

You took my hand,
Took my soul,
And took me to your heavenly world,

I close my eyes,
Lost myself,
Find myself in your heart,

Each time I see you,
You succeed to bring the divinity to love,
Melting holiness to our happiness,
Don’t know if we’re becoming love Goddess,

Above this existence,
A constant without difference,
Our love I know has began with the beginning,
And will last forever, out of time, endless, my darling..

I love you eternally honey
Happy Weekend everyone
Always Love, Light, Joy,
Peace & Blessings to All of us
Rima N. Jaber
© February 23, 2013

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