Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
This site is to honour my mother, poet, Eva Ruby Austin.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

To Love Again - a poem by Audrey Austin

To Love Again

By Audrey Austin
Long ago love let me down
and left me wandering,
wondering how I could
trust again.

Tears drowned my anger.
My heart, cold and bitter
broke into muddled bits
of frozen fear that refused
to melt into vulnerability.

Love let me down
but time brought reprieve,
rest, and recompense
from one who cared,
one who shared,
one who taught me to forgive,
to let go, let feelings flow
to a safe place where I could
smile and love again.

Love  led me into darkness
before lifting me to light,
Yes, love lifted me
And love's name was

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