Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
This site is to honour my mother, poet, Eva Ruby Austin.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I Followed My Heart to 108 - a poem by Audrey Austin (original version)


Audrey Austin.

My dream was alive when I woke up this morning
I tried to ignore it but make no mistake
I followed my heart up the 108 Highway
To the beautiful City of Elliot Lake.

Along dream-catching deer trail my eager eyes feast
Proud Maple, Pine, Spruce; no tree stands alone
Love flows like blue water in myriad lakes
My mind is at peace because I’m coming home.

Today we celebrate sixty years strong
We all stand together as we sing along
We sing to our future yet honour our past
Elliot Lake is our jewel; it’s where we belong.

There’s much more to say but I’ll tell you this way
I lost my heart on the highway that day
To the beautiful jewel that is Elliot Lake
Here’s to the new home that I’m going to make.

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