Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

MLK in DUFFERIN COUNTY, by Patricia A. McGoldrick



By Patricia A. McGoldrick



It was 1968

Dufferin County, Canada,

In Grade Nine, our first year of high school,

When we heard the news

About him--

The American man whose skin was black

Who spoke about

Peace and change and

Peace and practice

Sit-ins and marches and dreams

Dreams of a future where everyone could be equal

Regardless of colour or faith belief.


The powerful voice of this man of peace

Reached far and wide

Even to the edge of the snow-belt!


When he spoke about dreams,

Like a biblical voice in the wilderness

We heard his words too.


In rural Dufferin County, we knew it could happen.

After all, we had learned about Jesus and Gandhi in school.

Why, we had even celebrated Catholic Mass

In a Protestant Orange Hall and

The roof was still intact.


Peaceful change could happen

Just like he said.


We rode buses too

Just like MLK


We dreamed our dreams

Just like MLK


We learned about peace

Just like MLK


We had the fortune of longevity

Just like MLK—




Patricia A. McGoldrick is a Kitchener, Ontario Canada writer. Poems published in anthologies, including: Animal Companions, Animal Doctors, Animal People; Beyond the Dark Room, an international collection of transformative poetry, proceeds from book sales given to Doctors Without Borders/MSF; Poetic Bloomings--the first year. Poetry and reviews have been published in the Christian Science Monitor, The WM Review Connection, and ChapterandVerse.ca. Recently posted titles include a poem entitled Potato plus an acrostic fiction piece, Best in the Bruce!

Patricia is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society and the League of Canadian Poets.  



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