Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A poem by Rima N. Jaber

Please Listen to me, Then Forgive me

 Ok dear friends just have to say this,
If I keep it inside I can’t sleep tonight,

You know that no one can eat more than his hunger,
No one can wear a whole closet,

And all we do is collecting wealth,
All our life we run after money,

We know people are dying from hunger,
People are dying cause they can’t pay hospitals,

It hurts so much to wear diamonds,
And forget about our dying brothers and sisters,

It hurts so much to leave money in our bank accounts,
Useless, inert, dead depriving to save people lives,

Yes Jesus knew it well, he asked us
To Leave everything and follow him, to enter heaven,

He knew it’s asking too much,
Wealthy people can’t do it, it’s too hard,

Each one of us is a sinner to a certain extend,
Each one of us is refusing to feel, to understand,

May God help us to be strong and brave enough
To face the truth and act with goodness accordingly,

I know it’s a lost case, no one can be so free from greed,
No one can give his properties even to save people’s life,

These days they kill you to steal your money,
Even the wealthy people do it boldly,

We’re asking for a higher consciousness,
But we are still in the mud of the earthly world,

If we can feel the pain of the humanity,
If we can hear the cries of the hungry,

My heart is bleeding, there nothing to be done,
We live in a world where each one is living on his own,

I’m dreaming of a perfect world where we are all really One,
Helping each other, loving each other, saving each other lives,

Maybe it’s a prayer, a hope, that will be lost in few hearts,
God gave us earth, seas, skies, trees, fruits without asking for a price,

You may talk about finance and economy,
But I’m talking about Love and Humanity…

Happy Weekend everyone
I love you All
Always Love, Light, Joy,
Peace & Blessings to All of us
Rima N. Jaber
© April 20, 2013

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