Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Heartstrings -- a poem by Paulette Grant

March 3/2013

She lays her head on pillow
Watching the moon on high
As clouds drift past the window by her bed.
Her heavy lids are calling her
Back into timeless dreams
Of faraway loves or yearnings
for things that could have been.

... Pulling at her heartstrings
Goodbyes so long ago
They sometimes come in waking times
from where she does not know.
Tossing she turns in struggles
To free herself from these
Disturbing aching heartaches
Of promises unseen.
These declarations echo
upon her sleeping ears and lay themselves
Beneath her thoughts
when morning times appear.
A woman feels so deeply
Love’s sunshine in her heart
And cries and cries forever it seems
When someone breaks her heart.


  1. Thank you Audrey for posting my new poem on your blog :) I'm glad you like it . <3

  2. I love your poem, Heartstrings, Paulette. I love all your poetry. Thank you for sharing it. Anytime you wish to share more of your work on Rhymes and Times please know it will always be most welcome. :-)