Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

This Student - a poem by Maggie Kirton

This Student



she sat at the back of the class

the very last row

where others dared not be

where those whose works

suffered - undone

flunked - incomplete

whose ambitions

and dreams

were born

through a steady stare

into a classroom window

holding within its glass

a bit of light

giving importance

to the impossible


she stood by the gate

watched them play

tag and jump rope

slides and swings

their laughter embraced her


- in spite of -

she would not join in


the teachers taught her




what they could

when they could reach her

but instead she remained

in the back of the room

with a window

a port hole


uneducated dreams

they shook their heads




her failure


but they pushed her on

the pale child

that stood by the gate

embraced by the laughter

of friends not had


her smile was a weak one

easily returned

seldom seen

a private affair

reserved for the dreams

and so she went on

for so many years

with homework undone

and shoes untied

close to the garbage basket

and window

and dreams

for which she could find no words


until there was one

a teacher and friend



who laid before her


empty paper

a soft and gentle smile

warm hand on her shoulder

a wink

and a whisper:

"finish your dream on this

so I may dream it too"

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