Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Friday, March 27, 2015

FINALLY FREE - a poem by Norma Albrecht

Finally Free
Free, free ,to be set free,
Nothing to fear, nothing to plead,
Free, free, from all that is wrong,
Free to not wonder where we belong,
Have you ever been free,from worry and care,
Have you ever been free ,have you been there,
Have you ever been free,and light as the wind,
Have you ever been free,have you My friend,
I visited freedom,there was nothing to hide,
I visited freedom,It took Me inside,
I visited freedom,but I could not stay,
The cares of this world called Me back again,
I will go back,when it is time,
I will go back ,to freedom divine,
Such a wonderful place,it is to be,
Where only love lives,and it loves Me,
This world and its problems,are for us to see,
What it will be like,to finally be free,
Without cares and problems,of every kind,
What would we know of appreciation,for the divine,
Though we would rather be happy,no care in this world,
Each of us need,to learn of good and evil,each boy and each girl,
So much to learn,so much to see,
Until we are finally ,,oh finally free,,,,
Norma Albrecht.

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