Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Dear Family of Mine - a poem by Norma Albrecht

Dear Family of Mine
Lovely are the thoughts and deeds of friends so grand and true,
Dearest are their worth and most loved in all they do,
Welcome smiles,when traveled miles return you once again,
My heart is right there with them,though far away I am, 
Such a treat to sit and greet,and share the latest news with My dear friends,
Have a tea,a laugh and be ourselves without any need to pretend,
My family so dear and sweet,I love to spend some time,
The heart does fonder grow you know when apart too long we find,
I am so fortunate to have the friends and family I've got,
Just to name a few of them ,,There is Fred And there Is Scott,
My dear Mother and Her sisters,Such a wonderful crew,
My cousins ,nieces ,and My own children, My husband Raymond too,
They make My life ,would not be nice to not have all of them,
My nephews and My Grandchildren ,so many women and dear Men,
My Uncles were of many,they now are of few,
My Grandparents may God bless them,and all that they did do,
Like a great and flourished tree,
Branches from the strongest foundation we,
Our Brothers and Sisters,one and all,
May our way be blessed and our blessed Savior call,
One by one we leave and wait,
One by one our final day,
One by one ,may we again then each other find,
One by one ,dear family of mine,,,
Norma Albrecht.

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