Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Birthday In Heaven, Mom -- a poem by Eleanor Lambert


Twenty four years ago
our dear Mother was laid to rest,
It seems like only yesterday
she was by our side, full of zest.
We have many memories
of the times we had together
She was always so full of life
no matter what the weather.
Mom would love to walk or ride a bus
to the stores even just to browse,
And walk around from store to store,
it seems for hours and hours.

I will never forget the many many times
we went to the C N E;
Always so much fun to go with her,
as she was always so full of glee.
Not one to spend a lot of money
but she loved her chewing gum,
And there was never a dull moment
when we were with “OUR MOM
She would make us laugh
until we cried,
Oh,  the fun we had
just to be by her side.
Now we are all looking forward
to that great day,
When we will be with her again
in our Home far away.
I know that she is there
and is looking down on us,
And know that she is praying
that we will not miss THAT BUS.
She is hoping we will be ready
when our time comes to die,
So that we will be with all be together
with JESUS in our Home
                                          “ON HIGH”



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