Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Friday, August 29, 2014

A World Without Love - a poem by Rima N. Jaber

A World Without LOVE

I heard a story of a boy born without love,
His father gave all to his mother,

And she ran away taking it all,...
Leaving her children behind,

This young man was telling his story to his girlfriend
In a restaurant sitting behind me,

I wanted so much to see his face,
Thu I felt I can't face his sorrow and his pain,

They left and I couldn't stop thinking about how can this happen,
How can people get married only for money,

How can a mother leave her children alone,
And on their own,

Why money is all we want??
All we strive for, all we are living for??

Why are we so blind??
Selling our hearts and soul and leave everything behind??

For things which will vanish,
And things which have no value,

The real value is Love,
The real treasure is true feelings,

The real purpose of life is only love,
What we thrive for is only love,

What we live for is love,
If we can't give love to our surrounding,

Tell me why are we living??
Is it to accumulate more money??

Is it to steal others and hurt them??
Just for this stupid matter and say we gonna live better,

How can we be so shallow thinking
that matter can give us all??

How can we exchange love with soil??
How can we live with such a lie??

I tried to understand all my life this kind of people,
But could never understand they just made me disgusted,

The blindness and this killing sickness,
Made me pity them but their greed is making them cross all limits,

See our world is build on this kind of tragedies,
And it's spreading so quickly, don't know where it's going??

We have to wake up teach our children the value of love,
By giving it to them and showing them the truth,

The problem is all media and T.Vs lost all kind of morals,
And it's a hard task to rectify the image,

I believe in Love and nothing can change my heart,
Spreading it is the duty of every true heart,

And after all love will prevail,
No matter how it's hard now,

We're little candles born on this Earth
To kill the darkness and spread LOVE again..

Love you all
Rima N. Jaber

© August 29, 2014
~ ~


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