Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Do You Remember? -- a poem by Dayeton Larson; Elliot Lake

Do You Remember?


Do you remember those times we've had together

When we laughed and we cried,  over that glass of fine wine

Do you remember when we hugged and encouraged each other

We shared our hurts and blessings too?


Life has been long and really ~ very good to us

We travelled, we stayed home, we spent time together

We sat in the back yard, savoring the odor of our BBQ

We tasted the steaks with fine wine through the evenings...


Are these days locked in your mind that seems closed to the outside?

You look so distant, but are you living them again?

You seem to look past me, but are you really seeing me

Back in the days of our youth, as we laughed at life and lived it's fullness?


Do sit in your chair and relive those days

Gazing off into the bright future you do see

May I still be there with you as you drift

Into your world of memories and  bliss!


Yes, do you remember our days together

So full of life, not caring for the  tomorrow that we can't control

You are blessed as you live that here and now

Locked in your mind that is soon to rest...

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