Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Hearth - a poem by Dayeton Larson

The Hearth (***)(Word~pictures)

I kneel before the old hearth
It’ black and cold
Yet the charred wood laying there
Is warm and dry – waiting for a spark...

It once was young new and rough~ unfinished...
But now its old, smooth and with many flames to tell of
Sparks flew merrily through up the dark and inviting chimney
So ready to receive them only to cast them farther upward
To a sparkling dark eternal sky that displayed them for all to see

As you gaze into the hearth – the charred wood still there
You notice some unburned wood poised deep beneath the char
It’s still fresh! – ready! – waiting for just one more spark
To ignite a flame of passion, of warmth, of light ~ of love anew
To send sparks of joy up through that dark chimney -
to a waiting sky above ~ once again....

Like bursting fireworks flowering lights of freedom
Bursting forth casting sparkles over all that are gifted to see it manifesting...
Embracing subtle falling snatches – remnants of love that spawned from
Unplanned passion ~ as the spark so craved from the one that stands before
The hearth........

Dayeton Larson July 15th.2014

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