Poet, Audrey Austin

Poet, Audrey Austin
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Friday, February 21, 2014

From Man's Land To Unknown Land - a poem by Pramila Khadon

From Man's Land
To Unknown Land.

I still remember the words
'Ma,do not cry,...
This parachute will take you somewhere.'
The young pilot's voice kept ringing in my ears,
As I glided down,
Leaving the pilot and the plane
Whose engine had failed.

A wave of sadness engulfed me.
Taking every ounce of courage I had,
I breathed deeply,leaving my fate
In the hands of the parachute.

With painful memories flapping
Like invisible wings around me,
I thought if I fell in the freezing waves,
How would I keep my head
From the watery grave.
I knew not swimming,not even floating.
I felt like Titanic,
The ship of dreams sinking
To the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

After an avalanche of tragedies and trauma,
With a cold wind
Rustling through my bones,
I landed in an unknown land.
Like Gulliver,I set myself out
To see,to hear,to feel and to touch.

The harmonies of light and sound
Acted as a catalytic spark
to warm up my shrivelled heart.

I saw men and women,
Radiating charming personalities,
Children blossoming with love,
Animals of all kind moving fearlessly
With very little wants and wishes.
The whales were diving and surfacing
With a certain grace,
A feeling of triumph.
All were looking so relaxed and poised.

they all came to me,
The men,the women,the children
And the animals as well
With food and flowers.
They spoke among themselves
A language strange to my ears
And yet,so close to my heart.
I felt like a visiting dignitary.

Thanking them,I walked further in light steps.
The fragrance of sandalwood filled the air.
Lovers were kissing passionately
Behind the bushes of Anthurium
While the roses and the Gerberras blushed.
The jasmins and the doves cooed
And the orchids,shy,glowed in mirth.

In this land,there were no rapist,
Pedophiles,murderers,war criminals,
Violent drug cartels,despots,
Demon worshiping child killers,
Terrorists and traitors,
Making people lead a disjointed,disintegrated
And dilematic life.

Their only waterfront was service,
Compassion,love and duty.There was no social indicator
Like income per capita,health,
Democracy,economic competitiveness,
Or environmental consciousness.

All were orchestrated to perfection
By a pool of sages,who served
And lived for the moment.
There was no buying or selling
Or any barter system
For everything belonged to everyone.
The granary was always full for one and all,
Irrespective of caste,colour or creed.

I walked towards the shore
Where the waves were mild
And the sea a plain.
Children in plum-coloured brocade
were sitting cross-legged
Indian-style on the sand
Chanting verses of Buddhist wisdom
And a few women and men
So knowledgeable about classicalmusic
Accompanied them lovingly.

I instinctively sat down.
After a while,
I felt two warm hands on my shoulders
And a voice gently said,'Pramila.'

Pramila Khadun.

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